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Greenhow & Co 

Chartered accountants and taxation advisors


At Greenhow & Co our aim is to provide services which may go beyond historic accounts, tax returns, and checking tax assessments, making sure you do not pay any more tax than legally due. 

Your profitability and financial well-being are of the greatest importance to us, as your financial growth will (in probability) generate more business for us, because of that growth and hopefully because of your recommendation of us to your friends and colleagues.


To these ends, we hope you will consult us regarding any problems, before they become urgent. You should advise us of any actions you think we should, or might be able to undertake, on your behalf. You are the greatest expert in your own affairs, your input in all matters will be encouraged, listened to, and respected.

For our part, we may explain to you any actions which we perceive might improve your income, profit and balance sheet. Also, you will be made aware of actions that may facilitate and improve record-keeping. This can have particular relevance for business changes and start-ups.

We keep abreast of changing developments, affecting our clients' financial affairs and keep you advised.


We may be able to introduce an "expert," if required and work in conjunction with him. We can work in conjunction with other professional advisors.

We can often work from your computer data on disk.Comments and suggestions from you are welcomed.

Upon undertaking an assignment, you will be advised as to progress, certainly within one month.